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At Alma College we students have the opportunity to work with our professors on research projects. This summer our professor, Dr. Brian Doyle, is lucky enough to have five girls working with him. Each one of us is working on a different project under the direction of Dr. Doyle. The common theme of our research is medicinal plants. Sophomore and PRISM research student, Carrie Berkompas, is spending the summer doing research related to the anti-cancer effects of medicinal plants. Also a sophomore and PRISM research student, Christine Wiersma is using a quartz crystal microbalance as a biosensor to detect binding of plant chemicals to proteins. Junior Halley King is continuing her research at the Alma Ecological Field Station, a.k.a. “The Bog”. She is collecting, documenting, and preparing extracts of the plants found there. Jane Brewer and Caity Huffman are currently in the Ecuadorian Amazon continuing an ethnobotanical research project that started with Dr. Doyle’s 2012 spring term course. They are working with shamans to document the use of plants as medicine in a remote indigenous community located along the Payamino river. Each of us have created our own blog that describes our summer research experiences. The intention of these blogs is to let our friends and family know what we are up to and to give prospective students an idea of what kinds of exciting opportunities await them at Alma College.

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